LC-5 Vinyl Acrylic Decorative Log Chinking

LC-5 Log Chinking is a high-viscosity textured coating which has been specially formulated to serve as a "chinking" material to fill the spaces between the logs of a log home. It dries to form a tough, durable and decorative coating which effectively seals the space between the logs. It is highly resistant to weather and mechanical damage, and maintains moderate flexibility to resist cracking (though excessive log movement or shrinkage will inevitably cause some cracking of any chinking material). LC-5 is not intended for extremely wide or deep gaps, or for use with logs that are likely to shrink or move a great deal. For these applications, we recommend using Vimasco's SuperChink™ Premium Acrylic Log Chinking.

LC-5 is based on a vinyl-acrylic latex formulation originally created by Vimasco as a heavy duty industrial protective coating, so its durability has been well proven (Vimasco has been manufacturing such coatings for over 45 years). LC-5 has been used in log home construction with satisfaction for over fourteen years. It comes in different textures and colors so you can choose the look that best suits your type of log home. It can be used for interior or exterior chinking work, and is formulated to offer economical material cost.

LC-5 applies and spreads easily, usually by trowel, without the addition of water or any other thinning agent. It should be applied to the thickness necessary to fill the gap between the logs taking into account the change in its thickness which will occur as it dries. LC-5 can be applied over a backer rod, other suitable sealing/insulating materials, or directly onto wood. Application over an empty gap without a backer rod is not recommended. It should be applied to clean, dry surfaces and troweled tightly against the logs on both sides of the gap being filled. Oil based wood sealers or finishes should be tested first for bonding compatibility.

Note: LC-5 is water-based so it must be protected from freezing during storage and shipment. After application it must be protected from freezing and from moisture (including dew) until thoroughly cured. LC-5 contains no hazardous or flammable ingredients so it is safe to use and store.

Standard Colors:

Sand, Brown, Gray and Tan
Custom colors available (with minimum order requirement)

Regular (medium grain); Fine
Normal Thickness:
Approximately 1/8" to ¼" dry
(this will vary according to the dimensions of the gap and the type of log.)

Application Temperature Range:
40F to 120F
Do not apply if temperature will drop below 32F before LC-5 has had adequate curing time.

Percentage of Solids:
65% 2% by volume
Drying Time:
To touch: 2 to 6 hours
Through: 24 to 96 hours
(depending upon the thickness and environmental conditions)

62 lb. Per 5-gal. pail
Spills which are still wet can be cleaned with a damp cloth; equipment may be cleaned with soap and water. Dried material can be scraped or softened with a safety solvent.

Shelf Life:
At least 12 months when properly stored.

Coverage Information
Approximately 8 ¾" sq. ft. per gallon at 1/8" dry thickness.

Linear :
At 1/8" dry thickness, one gallon will fill

100 linear feet of a gap 1" wide.
To achieve a 1/8" dry thickness LC-5 is applied at approximately 3/16" wet.

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