SuperChink Acrylic Premium Log Chinking

SuperChink™ is Vimasco's newest chinking material designed to fill and seal the spaces between the logs of a log home. It is formulated with a pure acrylic latex and is designed to be a premium product in all regards, providing a high degree of durability, flexibility, resistance to mechanical damage, and resistance to cracking caused by log movement or shrinkage. This product is particularly recommended on applications involving gaps which are very wide or very deep, or where it might be exposed to very low temperatures for extended periods. SuperChinkä will maintain its integrity for many years even when exposed to a wide range of environmental conditions. SuperChinkä has a creamy consistency which makes it very easy to apply with no thinning or pre-mixing needed. It provides a tight seal between the logs and also provides a decorative textured appearance which looks good with just about any log home design.

SuperChink™ is a water-based emulsion which is completely safe and nonflammable. Because it is an acrylic it applies very smoothly and easily. It can be used in a gap of any size, but when being applied at more than ¼" wet thickness it should be done in more than one application to minimize sagging and to facilitate better drying of the product. SuperChinkä should normally be applied over backing rod to eliminate an air space behind the chinking which can create some problems. Also, in applications where it is appropriate, a "bond breaker" tape should be used underneath the chinking. It can also be applied directly over wood or most other building materials. It is good for exterior or interior use.

SuperChink™ will maintain a soft and slightly pliable nature after it has cured so it never becomes completely hard or rigid to the touch. It may take several weeks for the product to dry completely, but is normally dry to the touch within 24 hours. It should not be subjected to rain or to freezing temperatures until it has dried for at least this long, and possibly longer depending upon the temperature and humidity at the time. The applicator should observe the drying speed of the SuperChinkä in relation to the ambient conditions and protect the product with plastic or heat as needed if it has not cured adequately. Once it has cured, though, it becomes virtually impervious to weather conditions.

Standard Colors:
Sand, Brown, Gray and Tan
Custom colors available (with minimum order requirement)


Normal Thickness:
Approximately 1/8;" to ¼" dry
(This will vary according to the dimensions of the gap and the type of log.)

Application Temperature Range:
40ºF to 120ºF
Do not apply if temperature will drop below 32°F before LC-5 has had adequate curing time.

Percentage of Solids:
75% ± 2% by volume

Drying Time:
To touch: 2 to 6 hours
Through: 2 to 3 weeks
(depending upon the thickness and environmental conditions)

68 lb. Per 5-gal. pail; 27 lb. Per 2-gal. pail

Spills which are still wet can be cleaned with a damp cloth; equipment may be cleaned with soap and water. Dried material can be scraped or softened with a safety solvent.

Shelf Life:
At least 12 months when properly stored.

Coverage Information
Approximately 8 ¾" sq. ft. per gallon at 1/8" dry thickness.

Linear :
At 1/8" dry thickness, one gallon will fill

100 linear feet of a gap 1" wide.
To achieve a 1/8" dry thickness LC-5 is applied at approximately 3/16" wet.

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